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Results in the Real World

Results, woman crossing the finish line. Photo from Kaia F.I.T. Sacramento

Results – crossing the finish line

It’s all about results.

That’s what I taught my kids – it’s not about effort or good intentions, what matters in the end is results.

In this post I hold myself accountable for results.

Previously I’ve encouraged you to do some things, but what results have I delivered?

It’s been 2.5 years since I joined Fusion-io, and 9 months since SanDisk acquired Fusion – what real world results with Microsoft have I delivered to my company? Continue reading

Change is the only Constant in Life

(Tap, tap, does this thing still work?) It’s been 18 months since my last post?! Note to self – blog more.

A lot’s happened since my last post. Evolving responsibilities, exciting deliverables, bowling with a tech legend, Steve Wozniak, and recently the news that Fusion-io will be acquired by SanDisk.

I’ve learned a lot about how Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) like Fusion interact with Microsoft. Some things are different, like getting device drivers “Certified for Windows Server” and working with the Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs), others are similar-but-different like using Windows Error Reporting, taking advantage of the amazing array of services available through Microsoft Premier Support for Developers, working with the Windows Server Partner and Customer Ecosystem (PaCE) team, getting Fusion’s enterprise sales teams engaged with their local EPG Application Platform (App Plat) counterparts, etc. Continue reading

ISV Paths to Success – Early Adopter Programs

Break away from the pack

Early adopter programs (EAPs) deliver several valuable opportunities that make EAPs an important ISV path to success with Microsoft. You can use EAP participation to:

  • Create and maintain technical and market leadership
  • Drive innovation by building on/exploiting new MS features and technologies
  • Gain visibility with customers, investors, etc. by tapping MS’ marketing machine
  • Gain influence over future MS product releases, APIs, etc.
  • Drive revenue by engaging MS field sales to help sell your product

EAPs are invitation-only and you’re competing with other ISVs for a limited number of slots, sometimes just a couple dozen, so it’s helpful to understand MS’ motivation – why they bother with EAPs in the first place, and what they expect from the ISV partners that participate in EAPs. Continue reading

ISV Paths to Success with Microsoft

I’ve found ISVs follow two mains paths to success with Microsoft, which path is right for you depends on what your goals are for your relationship with MS. In this post I’ll provide an overview of the two paths, the results each path is best suited to deliver, and the goals those results typically fulfill for ISVs.

Early Adopter Programs (EAP)

Most MS product releases involve ISV partners throughout the release cycle.

Two Paths To Success

The signs of this are most easily seen at product launch, when ISV partner companies are included in the “partner logo slide”, their executives are quoted in the MS launch press release, etc. You’ll see a smaller, earlier version of these same signs when the beta or Community Preview release happens. These are some of the visible benefits MS offers to induce ISVs to make early investments to support new MS product releases.

The real value of EAPs to ISVs comes from less visible activities – things like early access to product builds, and direct interaction with the MS product team. Continue reading