Panorama of McGowan Lake

Panorama of McGowan Lake

Directions to McGowan

  • Get from your starting point to the intersection of CA 36 and CA 89 (Lassen Peak Hwy), east of Mineral, CA.
  • Call the cabin (someone’s cell phone) to let us know you’re nearby, so we can meet you at the gate.
  • Turn onto CA 89, northbound (your only option)
  • Drive 1.9 miles to Forest Service Road 29N22, the first major turnoff from CA 89, with a large gravel/dirt parking area.
  • Turn onto 29N22.
  • 29N22 Nanny Creek Rd at CA-89
  • Sign just down 29N22 off of CA-89
  • Drive for 1.6 miles.
  • On your right will be a locked gate, blocking a gravel road that goes sharply uphill
    • View looking up the hill from 29N22, toward cabins; gate open.
      Road to McGowan viewed from 29N22
    • View looking down the hill toward 29N22, away from cabins; gate closed.
      Exiting McGowan, facing 29N22
    • If we’re not already there waiting for you, call now.
    • If you can’t reach us by phone, you’ll need to walk in – it’s about 1/3 mile, the path of the road is very obvious and ends in a parking area behind the cook cabin.
  • We’ll unlock the gate and let you in, and lock the gate behind you.
    • The gate is always kept locked, that keeps most people from wandering in uninvited.
  • GPS: N 40.39432, W 121.55275
    • Note that the road to the cabin follows a different path than Bing Maps shows; that’s the old route. The new route is unmistakable as you’re driving it.

    Local Conditions

    • Lassen Volcanic National Park webcams
    • The Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center is ~3.6 miles further north on CA 89 past the 29N22 turnoff, and is at about the same elevation as McGowan so the conditions shown on their webcam approximate conditions at McGowan.

    Cook Cabin – Exterior

    Cook cabin entrance
    Cook cabin oblique front
    Cook cabin back side
    Shower by cook cabin

    Cook Cabin – Kitchen

    Kitchen looking left from door
    Refrigerator and stove
    Stove and seating at front
    Door viewed from storage area

    Cook Cabin – Sleeping Room

    Sleeping room looking left from door
    Queen and bunk beds
    Bunk beds and door viewed from queen bed

    Bunkhouse – Exterior

    Bunk house oblique rear
    Bunk house oblique left
    Bunkhouse door

    Bunkhouse – Interior

    Bunkhouse front viewed from door
    Bunk house right front corner viewed from door
    Bunk house sink
    Bunk house futon, fireplace and full bed
    Panoramic view, front of bunk house
    Panoramic view, rear of bunk house

    Caretaker’s Cabin – Exterior
    (This is the old caretaker’s cabin before it was completely rebuilt, I don’t have pictures of the new cabin yet.)

    Panoramic view of caretaker's cabin and stream

    Caretaker’s Cabin – Interior

    Caretaker's cabin door
    Caretaker's cabin entrance
    Front wall of caretaker's cabin
    Two queens and bunk bed
    Back wall of caretaker's cabin
    Panoramic view of sleeping area in caretaker's cabin

    Photo Inventory

    Cook Cabin

    Kitchen supplies 1
    Kitchen supplies 2
    Kitchen supplies 3
    Kitchen supplies 4
    Kitchen supplies 5
    Kitchen supplies 6
    Kitchen supplies 7
    Kitchen supplies 8
    Kitchen supplies 9
    Kitchen supplies 10
    Kitchen supplies 11
    Kitchen supplies 12
    Kitchen supplies 13

    Maps and reading library
    Closet of Many Things
    Misc. supplies


    Bunk house supplies 1
    Bunk house supplies 2

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