Microsoftie – the generic term for someone who works at Microsoft. “Bill is a Microsoftie, in fact, they’re all Microsofties.”

MS – abbreviation for Microsoft, used by Microsofties. “M$” is a derogatory variant used by non-Microsofties.

MPN – Microsoft Partner Network, the program that grants partner status like “Gold Certified Partner” status. Formerly known as Microsoft Partner Program, MPP.

Sim-ship – to ship Product A at the same time, or shortly after, Product B is shipped. MS early adopter programs often expect ISV partners to ship their product, supporting some new MS product or technology release, within 30, 60 or 90 days of the MS release.

SMS&P – Small and Midmarket Solutions & Partners Group, the folks in the “local sales office”. For ISVs with no existing relationship with MS, contact your local office and try to connect with a Partner Account Manager or Developer Evangelist.

WPC – Worldwide Partner Conference, the annual conference organized by the Microsoft Partner Network. Typically held in July to coincide with the start of MS’ fiscal year, to disclose the (fiscal) year’s marketing and sales initiatives, product launch plans, etc., and to recognize “Partner of the Year” in various categories and geographies.

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