Let’s Get It Started

My goal with “ISV Results With Microsoft” is to help ISVs develop your relationship with Microsoft, maximize the value received, and achieve your goals.Keep Calm and Lets Get Started

Can you get your product demoed during a MS keynote? Yes – demos of ISV products are a staple of MS keynotes. But how do you get your product into a keynote?

The implementation details will be different for each ISV, because each ISV is different – what you want from MS, which MS products and technologies you integrate with or build upon, which markets you target, how well you tolerate life on the leading (or bleeding) edge of technological change, whether you’re “all in” with the latest MS technology.

Nonetheless, I’ve observed that even the basic guidelines and understanding of MS culture that will help any ISV work more successfully with MS are not widely known. Why is that? Not sure, but I’m going to try to fill that void.

What qualifies me to fill that void, you ask? An excellent question!

I worked at MS for 10 years, leading technical evangelism teams, developing early adoption programs and working with ISV partners who shipped products with early support for new MS product and technology releases; so I understand what MS wants and expects from their ISV partners.

Since leaving MS, I’ve helped ISVs clarify and achieve their goals for their relationship with MS, by taking advantage of the many benefits and opportunities MS makes available. As you might suspect, the most valuable benefits and opportunities are not publicized; to participate in those, you need to know what’s possible, how to lay the groundwork, and know who the right person is at MS to approach about participation.

You’ve seen other ISV partners get what they wanted, now it’s time for you to get some.

With that … let’s get it started.

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